Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Website Launched!

Well, at last its here! - 6months in the making and something that we are very proud of - the new website highlights what we do and where we are - its only been possible through the contributions of our friends and colleagues and many thanks must go to them.

Starting with the design team at Cape Town Media who put up with my endless indecision, 'colourful' emails and convoluted direction on the project - Marc Mallet and Morgan Goddard have tolerated me for longer than they probably care to discuss and I thank them so much for all their flare, creativity and advice.

My dear friend and editor, Naomi Hulbert who without her talent and skill, there would be an encyclopedia of useless and confusing information on the site as I typed out content in the wee hours of the morning over the past 6 months! Richard Franklin for all the video editing at short notice and future video to come on the site.

All the photographic and video contributors on the site; Duncan and Debbie Armour, Marius Swart, Maryan Heffernan, Michael Foreman, Arthur Wickson, Andy Ault, Paul and Jane Goldring, G&C tours, ATI Holidays, Hunter Hotels, The Royal Portfolio, Natasha Breed, National Geographic Channels International, Beyond Productions, Mark Vinall, Toyota, Global Initiatives, Andy Thompson, Canon and the list goes on. My friend David Pluth who sadly passed away recently, was eager to see the site finished and always supported us with his wonderful images that are featured throughout.

My wife Nina has been wonderfully supportive and I cant thank her enough for her input, opinion and tolerance as I have been burning the midnight oil night after night on this project.

However, the person that deserves the most credit for this project and is the driving force behind it is Craig Collett, my right hand man - he has put more hours of blood sweat and tears than all of us put together and without him, none of this would have been possible - his cool head and relentless understanding are admirable qualities - thanks my friend.

What we have is a great effort from all involved and I can’t thank everyone enough for their time, dedication and belief in this project.

See you in Africa!



  1. Well Hayden , all the work you have done has been worth it, the site looks great, I will continue to work my way through it, and dream of the day i can see Africa in person.well done and I hope this grows your business.

  2. Just realised that my name isn't in my signature for the previous post, Hayden it is me....Sally Ann